Portland Exterior Painters

Portland Exterior Painters

Portland’s Finest Exterior Painters Offer Siding, Dry Rot Repair, and more!

Sometimes Exterior Painters have to offer more than just painting.  Fortunately, exterior home painting is just one of our specialities!  

The project began at 7100 SW Shady Ct. in Tigard, 97223.  The damage was extensive as you can see below.  Before we could do anything, all of the damaged and rotted siding needed to be removed.  We removed the ruined insulation and found that rot had infested much of the ply wood so of course that had to come out as well.   Digging deeper, we found many of the decayed studs crumbled away at a mere touch, which was further indication of dry rot.

With all the old nasty stuff out of the way, we set about doing what we really came to do.  Replace, repair, and fix the exterior and structural damage done to this building.  Going all the way down to the studs, we worked our way back out in reverse order, replacing everything with top quality new materials – new studs, new ply wood, and then we added a new water resistant barrier.  Water resistant barriers keep out water in ways you wouldn’t believe.  You can find out more about them and some of the products we use here:

WRB – water / weather resistant barrier

Here are a couple of photos that show the process of wrapping the structure in a water resistant barrier:

Next we had to put on the new siding and prep the house for painting. This process began with a thorough pressure washing of the home’s exterior.  Then we hand scraped any remaining loose and peeling paint.  We caulked all windows and doors with permanant flexible caulking, an all season caulking that expands and contracts with changing temperatures and other environmental conditions.

Now the home was ready to be primed and painted.  As seen in the photos below, we used Tyvek cover for the plants, drop cloth for exteriors, and masking for all windows, doors, and foundations.

With all this fine work covering and protecting the home’s exterior, we made sure to use the airless sprayer on doors, gutters, metals, and any other surface possible on the home.  Our airless sprayer leaves a fine finish on all surfaces that looks sharp and professional every time.  We are Portland based Home Exterior Painters and Construction Contractor.  Exterior painting and home repairs are our speciality.  Give us a call for a free estimate today!

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