Leaking Windows In Portland Lead To Dry Rot And Mold.

Leaking Windows Cause Mold
Leaking Window Caused this Mold
Rotten Structure Due to Leaking Windows
Rotten Structure Due to Window Leak
Leaking Window - Recently Built Home
Leaking Window – Recently Built Home

Leaking windows and doors are a major problem in Portland, Oregon and all of the Willamette Valley. The entire Northwest region has such a damp climate that leaks are common. If there’s an entry point for moisture to penetrate your home, it will. Here are some signs that your windows and doors may be leaking.

  • Visible signs of moisture inside your home like puddles of water, damp drywall around your windows and doors, or water stains on sills and jambs.
  • Visible signs of mold on drywall surfaces or a damp and musty/moldy smell around opening.
  • Rotten or swollen exterior trim and siding around windows and doors.
  • Dark stains streaking from behind exterior windows or door trim.
Leaking Windows Discovered by SFW
Leaking Window Discovered by SFW

More often than not, there are leaks occurring long before these signs are even noticeable. SFW Construction is the Portland area’s expert at repairing leaking windows and doors. There are challenges presented to both homeowners and contractors by the elements of the Pacific Northwest. That’s why SFW Construction has developed a methodology through rigorous training, building science, DUPONT products, and exacting execution to solve these problems. SFW Construction’s focus is to protect you and your home from costly damage caused by leaking windows and doors. To watch a video that illustrates the installation methods adopted by SFW Construction click here.

  1. RIGOROUS TRAINING – All of our certified installers receive constant and consistent training from the industry’s top vendors as well as training on SFW’s methods and standards designed specifically for the Northwest climate.
  2. BUILDING SCIENCE – SFW Construction strives to be ahead of our competitors by constantly researching and testing products and installations. We believe in the continuing evolution of our craft. Often times we are ahead of industry standards and codes.
  3. DUPONT PRODUCTS – SFW is one of the few Portland siding companies that is a certified DUPONT Installer. We Believe DUPONT and TYVEK to be the gold standard in our industry. In using these products we are able to offer their warranty and expertise on your project.
  4. EXACTING EXECUTION – Every window, door, or exterior penetration is a possible entry point for moisture making it a potential leak if not executed with care and precision. Every step of the installation is photographed and documented to ensure exacting execution. SFW Construction reviews and approves all of these steps BEFORE any siding or exterior finishes are installed.

Leaking windows and doors can lead to dry rot and mold. Dry rot and mold continue to grow and devalue your home and compromise your family’s health. SFW Construction has been providing service and solutions to the Portland area for years. Above and beyond repairing your leaking windows and doors, SFW Construction Is the Northwest leader in finding and repairing dry rot. And we won’t cover anything up until all your dry rot and mold problems are remediation. So don’t wait, call SFW Construction today so we can repair your leaking windows and doors.

Testimonial by SFW Construction customer
Manda W

Will Use Them Again!

"I cannot emphasize the professionalism of this company enough: timely, respectful, & quality construction. I have already recommended them to several friends..."

Happy SFW Construction customer
Raeldon Barker

Work Was Excellent

"The work was done quickly and professionally.  They have done other work on our home in the past and that too was outstanding."

Happy SFW Construction customer
Ben F

Finished Product Was Great

"The repairs were done in a timely manner once scheduled and the finished product was great. The included warranty repair work was just as good."

Happy SFW Construction customer
Bob Dieter

Went Over And Beyond

"I got three quotes and SFW seemed most knowledgeable and fair. From the arrival to the finished painted work the construction and painting crews were great."

Testimonial by SFW Construction customer
Sharon Steiger

Totally Satisfied

"It was a relatively small job, but they treated us as if it were a large, important one. We will call them again if we need a service they offer. For sure!"

Happy SFW Construction customer
Gus Angelas

Very Thorough

"...the work was excellent and I would recommend them to anyone needing dry rot repair completed on their home."

Testimonial by SFW Construction customer
Angelica Kniss

Looks Amazing!

"They worked hard to find a solution that would meet my needs, both in quality and cost. They were honest and open about all of the issues, and kept me informed of the work status."

Happy SFW Construction customer
Jeromy Goodpastor

Result Was Flawless

"I was extremely impressed with the attention to detail and the quality of work completed. I could not have asked for a better job!"

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