Dry rot can penetrate both the interior and exterior of a structure.  Exposed structures like decks or improperly flashed roofs and walls can quickly become infested with dry rot fungus.

There are several exterior areas around your home commonly affected by fungal wood rot.

  1. Imporoperly installed or defective roof flashing can be one of the most common entry points for moisture to enter your roof system. This can lead to dry rot, costly roof repairs, and/or roof replacement.
  2. Areas around the gutters, even when installed correctly, can become loosened by debris and wind or simply clogged to the point where water can drain back over the lip of the gutter and onto the wood sheathing beneath the roofing of your home.
  3. Areas beneath the siding of your home can be affected by several factors as well.  If your windows have not been properly flashed or if they do not route rain water properly, damage may occur in the form of rot.  In the picture above you can see the damaged wood beneath the siding just below the window.  This can also happen if the siding is not properly installed or the siding becomes damaged.  Each of these entry points for water can cause exterior dry rot.

SFW Construction is the Northwest leader in DRY ROT REPAIR.  This generally entails removing the areas of rotten structure, treating the area with copper naphtenate, and reconstructing.  Before completing the repair, we always make sure that all entry points for water are eliminated.  This ensures that the dry rot will not return.

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