Basement and Crawl Space Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are a well-tested method for extracting unavoidable or unexpected water from inside your crawl space or basement. They can be a vital step in the crawl space repair process, minimizing the future possibility of flooding. If you’re addressing water damage or dry rot in your basement, it’s important to consider a sump pump installation.

Is sump pump installation right for me?

Why consider a sump pump?

Sump pump installationInstallation of a sump pump can be a great way to avoid flooding of crawl spaces or basements. Sump pumps have become a staple tool used by contractors to pump water away from foundations. Once water that drains into the sump pit reaches a critical level, the motor of the pump begins to push water into a drain pipe leading away from the foundation.

Although sump pumps are not a solution for water intrusion or water vapor issues, they are essential to homes with a tendency to flood. Preventing a major flooding event in your basement or crawlspace can be the key to avoiding structural dry rot and damage to your joists, subflooring, and sill plates.

Reoccurring flooding events can impact the value of properties through excessive damage to a home’s plumbing system, electrical system, foundation, central heating or cooling, and framing. When addressing past flooding damage in your crawl space or basement, it’s important to consider a sump pump if the property is predisposed to flooding again. The expense of a sump pump will pay for itself by avoiding future floods and associated damage.

Sump pump technology has evolved along with other emergency home equipment. They are designed to be run off batteries or other external power sources in the case of extreme weather events when power is likely to go out.

Sump systems work best when combined with a perimeter drain, or French drains, that direct water into the sump pit. These drains divert water away from other critical parts of your crawl space or basement. These drains prevent water from pooling in your underground spaces and, with a poly-ethylene vapor barrier, can help with water vapor issues.

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